Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2015
Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2015

“The world is full of fictional characters looking for their stories”, a quote by Diane Arbus. The inspiration of the photographers Richeille and BJ Formento behind their New Campaign for Christian Roth Eyewear #30spectacularYears. This image – the first to be unveiled starring Jennifer McManis – is not only about eyewear, it is creative and inspiring, while telling an artful and unexpected story. Richeille and BJ known as Formento + Formento were the most talked about photographers during the last Art Basel in Miami. It is our pride to have an ongoing creative dialogue with the two.

Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2015

“Having a moment!” The inspiration of the photographers Richeille and BJ Formento – known as Formento + Formento – behind this photograph from their New Campaign for Christian Roth Eyewear Sunglasses #30spectacularYears. Christian Roth V.I.P. shades. Starring beautiful Jennifer McManis in a sexy 1962 AMC Rambler Ambassador.

Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2015

Jennifer McManis is going incognito with her Christian Roth starkly contrasted black and white shades. V.ery I.mportant P.rotection.

Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2015

This photo favored by Italian Vogue: Jennifer McManis is defying gravity while posing in Christian Roth “Gold Power” sunglasses at Los Angeles International Airport.


Christian Roth Eyewear presenting Laurenne Juliet as seen by Formento + Formento for 2014/2015 Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2014/2015 Pop Power 2 Christian Roth
Laurenne Juliet – the ultimate Formento woman – was the inspiration for the short film “Laurenne in Three”. Three distinct characters were played by one actress whose lives intersected in a quiet back road gas station in an American desert. BJ and Richeille Formento have always wanted to direct films, to make narrative short fine art pieces. Laurenne looked stunning in Christian Roth acetate tortoiseshell Sunglasses ‘Pop Power 2‘ and took the moment to a dramatic, high-contrast extreme. Christian Roth Sunglasses Campaign 2014/2015 Pop Power 2 Christian Roth
Just in time for New York Fashion Week, we were thrilled to present our latest film, “Frame Fiction.” Produced by Formento + Formento and featuring actress Laurenne Juliet, the film took place in the California desert where two distinct characters crossed paths in a quiet back roads gas station and motel. The Christian Roth sunglasses featured in the film included Pop Power 2 and Opposites Attract. The still images for the Christian Roth 2014/15 campaign were all taken from “Frame Fiction”. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2014/2015 featuring Pop Power 2 Christian Roth
Christian Roth 2014/15 Sunglasses Campaign with Laurenne Juliet as seen by Formento + Formento.      


Christian Roth Eyewear presenting Formento + Formento Christian Roth Sunglasses 2014 Christian's Own Christian Roth
We were introduced to Richeille + BJ Formento through our dear friend Michelle V. Edelman in NYC. Recently, we met them again in Miami on one of their Road-Trips, we fell in love with their precise combination of fine art and fashion. They function like us. BJ IS THE LIGHT, RICHEILLE THE PIGMENT. The duo produced this series of photography for our 2014 Christian Roth Eyewear and Sunglasses Collection in Miami’s MIMO district, paying tribute to its mid-century architecture. Christian Roth Sunglasses Cortina in ivory beige Christian Roth
Formento + Formento met in Miami which makes it a very sentimental place in their hearts. For them, the journey is a destination. Inspired by Art, Cinema and life’s experiences and influenced by Edward Hopper, Helmut Newton and Alfred Hitchcock, they capture through their lens the tropical vibes of Miami and the uniqueness of the Christian Roth Eyewear 2014 collection. Featuring design “Piece and Love” modeled by Viktoria. Christian Roth Sunglasses Belles of Embellishment in beige Christian Roth
In this image, Viktoria is getting ready for cocktails and looking Überchic wearing ivory beige Christian Roth sunglasses design named “Belles of Embellishment” in handmade acetate paired with chunky and stylish pure titanium temples. Weaving cinematic worlds drenched in sensuality, the photographic duo produces genre-bending photography that is as conceptually rich as it is precisely crafted… like the Christian Roth collection!      


Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2004-2009 Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2004 with model Agyness Deyn and Sunglasses design CR 14228 360° Christian Roth
In 2003, we saw Jannis Tsipoulanis and René Habermacher’s work for the first time in one of our favorite glossy magazines, Numéro Paris. We later met them in Hamburg, Germany through our dear friend Inka Marnette. Needless to say, it was love at first sight and we knew we found the team who would create the imagery for our revolutionary Christian Roth 360-degree crisscross titanium sunglass design. René and Jannis were the pioneers in creating artistic photographs enhanced by digital process, the airbrushing of the digital world. Jannis and René were creating iconographies flirting between real and virtual. In that moment, the concept of a creative team consisting of photographer and digital artist was born. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2005 with model Kostas and Sunglasses 14236 aka For Your Eyes Only vol 2 Christian Roth
The next task was to find the right model. Janis and René selected a few candidates, one of which was a young beautiful model named Agnes who was just starting a modeling career in London and looking to build her book while working in a fast-food restaurant during the day and a bar at night. In 2004, she became our choice model and once we were able to review the digitally enhanced photos of her in our green crisscross Christian Roth shield, we were thrilled. We had no idea that Agnes would become Agyness Deyn, a style icon of the new millennium, gracing fashion cover after fashion cover including American Vogue in 2007. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2006 with model Imry and Sunglasses 14259bk aka Safari Chic Christian Roth
The Agyness Deyn iconography with our sunnies went around the world and started a new benchmark for eyewear photography. Back then, René and Jannis shared their time between Hamburg and Athens, Greece. One morning in 2005, they called us from Athens excited to tell us that Kostas Martakis, a young and very popular Greek singer, insisted on being photographed in our new Christian Roth titanium mask, Four Your Eyes Only. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2007 with model Simone and Sunglasses 14276VO Christian Roth
With the artfully finished and digitally enhanced images, Kostas and Agyness became the Christian Roth Eyewear iconographic twins! Collection after collection, we continued to work with René and Jannis. Always resourceful and surprising, for our 2006 campaign, René and Jannis photographed model Imri in our black and white zebra acetate patterned design, Safari Chic in a black pool with spotted nails to match. When we saw the images from the set, we couldn’t help but smile! Imri was lying on a plastic kid pool covered with black rubber. The result was once again magnificent! Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2009 with model Isa and CHRISTIAN ROTH Sunglasses 14305 Christian Roth
Sun Goddess, which was shot on model Simone, was all about glamour and sophistication, as it was inspired by the 1974 campaign of Catherine Deneuve for Chanel’s No. 5 perfume. In other words, it meant a lot of hair! It was a challenge for Jannis and René as the digital work on hair is quite tedious. However, they worked their magic and the image of Simone was ready just in time for the grand opening of the Venetians Hotel and Casino in Macau on August 28, 2007, where a large billboard of Christian Roth Eyewear was placed outside of the brand new hotel to promote our appearance in Lunettes Macau, the fabulous optical store our friends Marvin Freeman and Jessica Wolff were opening on this day. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2009 with model Isa and CHRISTIAN ROTH Opticals CR14047BK Christian Roth
The last series we worked on with the duo before they went their separate ways was in 2009 for our 25th anniversary. Isa Asklof, the Swedish model we chose looked much like a young Brigitte Bardot. She was photographed in our iconic Series A renamed for the occasion, Les Annees 80. This design was manufactured in limited edition of 25 units and was singly monogrammed and gifted to our friends in the fashion world. The second image we used in our 25th anniversary campaign of the Christian Roth brand was of Isa with our black optical design, The Librarian. The image came out beautifully and proved that the “time when boys did not make passes on girls with glasses” was definitely over!


Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2001/2002 Christian Roth
During the 1990s, Dahlen was an up and coming talented New York photographer and a regular on the club scene. His career took off years later in large part because of his work with Madonna. In early 2001, Dahlen came to the Christian Roth showroom with Mary J Blige and her stylist. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2001/2002 photographed by Dahlen – motive 1 Christian Roth
Our never before seen sculpted titanium shields, criss cross sunnies and 60s-inspired acetate sunglasses caught the attention of both Blige and her stylist. When Blige’s album, Family Affairs was released later that year, our Christian Roth Panoramic Vision made the cover of the album. Dahlen loved the new collection and offered to shoot our 2001/2002 campaign. Christian Roth Sunglasses Campaign 2001/2002 photographed by Dahlen – motive 2 Christian Roth
Dahlen’s studio was located in the Meatpacking District. Back then, the neighborhood was just starting to become fashionable yet still had a bit edge. The storyboard for the Christian Roth shoot: rough yet good looking non-professional models representing the faces and personas of the new millennium. Christian Roth Sunglasses Campaign 2001/2002 photographed by Dahlen – motive 3 Christian Roth
One of the images, The Kiss, became an iconic pose. The two models in the image wore the same Christian Roth criss cross X-treme sunglasses, which captured the unisex appeal of the collection and the metro-sexual era. Ironically, the image of our design featured in the photo became iconic and served as reference for many eyewear collections and campaigns to come. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2001/2002 photographed by Dahlen – motive 4 Christian Roth
The different characters at the photo shoot enjoyed playing model in front of Dahlen’s lens. By then, Dahlen had become the go-to photographer for rock royalty. One of our favorite images from the 2001/2002 campaign features a cold looking blonde making a disabuse face while wearing a 1960s-inspired graphic in an oversized shape with low temple. Christian Roth Sunglasses Campaign 2001/2002 photographed by Dahlen – motive 5 Christian Roth
Another favorite features the rough kid on the block with beautiful tribal tattoos on the shoulder who posed in our signature Christian Roth titanium T-Mask, which was later worn and cherished by Lenny Kravitz. The model also loved the acetate pilot shape and posed for another photo with a rebel attitude. This photo made the cover of many European men’s magazines that year. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 2001/2002 photographed by Dahlen – motive 6 Christian Roth
Other top picks from the campaign included a model sporting 1960s Mary Quant by Vidal Sassoon hair, which made her appear doll-like in our famous X-treme design, and the beautiful man with an afro hairstyle showing that glamorous shapes don’t just look good on women alone. In retrospect, this Christian Roth campaign was the starting point of a new era in the eyewear industry. Dahlen helped us break the barrier of creativity and our titanium T-Mask and X-treme became a new staple in sunglass culture.


Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 1995 'Thank you Friends' photographed by Dora Händel Campbell Christian Roth
From 1987 to 1997, our “Christian Roth for Optical Affairs” showroom located on the 6th floor at 5 Union Square West in New York City was the place to meet for fashion stylists, editors, photographers, art directors, models and celebrities. Designed by the Parisian architect Denis Colomb, it was practically an extension to the eponymous Coffee Shop next door! See more Christian Roth news Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 1995 showing writer Khoi Nguyen with Series8440 Christian Roth Image Gallery
Our frequent guests came and shopped our latest eyewear and sunglass collections and their choices graced the glossy pages and covers of top fashion publications season after season, year after year. Some even became friends and mentors. It was a brewing mix of talent and inspiration. Dr Christian Roth Christian Roth
Because of this, the idea that our visitors would become models for our latest designs came naturally. It was a beautiful spring day in 1995 and our friend Dora Händel Campbell, a talented photographer and art director, offered to produce a series of portraits for our up-coming Christian Roth eyewear campaign. The location: 5 Union Square West. Christian Roth Christian Roth
We love architecture and the fire staircase on the façade of this building – in which we headquartered – fascinated us. There were so many graphic elements to the building, which gave away the location without having to name it – it was so New York! The day remains so vivid in our memories. The atmosphere was warm and easy and felt more like a friendly gathering. All our models came dressed in their own style and clothing with Christian Roth for Optical Affairs sunglasses being the accessory of the day. Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 1995 showing restaurateur Jean-Marc Houmard with Series2800 Christian Roth
The models in attendance included (from top to bottom): Khoi Nguyen, writer and journalist in our gold plated minimalistic sunnies; Sabrina Schilcher, interior designer and owner of the now famous store Property in our round Christian Roth shades; Michelle Vrebalovich Edelman, art director and owner of Traffic, Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 1995 showing optician Selima Salaun with Series3000 Christian Roth
the talent agency representing some of the most creative illustrators and photographers today; Marina Killery from London, milliner, socialite and style icon in the iconic Christian Roth Series 4001; Razia Said – a singer and songwriter from Madagascar – in our genuine python wrap; Aline Souliers wearing our “over the top” white sunnies, Aline was the model agent who discovered Claudia Schiffer; Jean Marc Houmard, the man from the front and back of the legendary Indochine Restaurant in our silver mirror urban aluminum mask; Christian Roth Eyewear Campaign 1995 showing stylist Masha Calloway Christian Roth
adorable Selima Salaun, fresh from Paris who would become a staple in the optical eyewear industry wearing the glamorous Christian Roth Series 3000; and lovely Masha Colloway, stylist, muse and photographer having fun and making faces with our legendary Series 2700 Sunglasses. (from top to bottom)


Christian Roth Christian Roth
Our dearest friend and mentor Rico Puhlmann introduced us to his assistant Perry Hagopian, a sweet, loyal, good looking and talented young photographer. Perry worked many years for Rico in the 80/90’s and the artistic eyes and incredible talent of Rico had a special influence in his own work. It was Rico who suggested that we collaborate with Perry giving him his first commercial assignment. Everybody knew Perry, after all, he worked with a legendary fashion and beauty photographer and, of course, that helped to invite New York “Visionaries” to strike a pose wearing our new collection in 1993. Christian Roth Christian Roth Christian Roth Sunglasses
We rented a studio at Sunlight NYC for a day and sent invitations for an open photo session. We were nervous about the turn out. To our surprise, more fabulous invitees than expected came to have their portraits taken. Today we are presenting a gallery of eight interesting characters who crystallize the energy of Manhattan in the early/mid 1990’s. This was done for Christian Roth Christian Roth Sunglasses campaign 1993 with Lita-Bossert, Anneliese Estrada and Series5000 Christian Roth
Four of them, we remember well and like to share not only their picture with Christian Roth sunnies, but also a few words of their story. The other four just happened to cross our paths this day. We treasure their pictures because we still love how they wear some of our signature sunnies, and the energy and enthusiasm they all brought to Perry’s shooting. A good profile of Christian Roth Christian Roth Christian Roth
Very handsome Hal Rubenstein played his role, being super stylish and sexy in Christian Roth Series 6602 classy amber sunglasses. Hal, the Men’s Style Editor of the New York Times Magazine back then, became the Fashion Director of InStyle since its inaugauration. Hal is also a leading authority on red carpet glamour, making frequent television appearances on top rated national morning and entertainment shows. These shows he did with Christian Roth Christian Roth Sunglasses campaign 1993 with Joey-Arias and Series6560 Christian Roth
Joey Arias was the star of the session, known for the vocal style and mannerisms of the legendary Billie Holiday. We met Joey in 1990 at Bar d’O, an intimate lounge in the West Village of New York City. Joey inspires a legion of devoted fans until today. Joe did strike his famous pose for Perry wearing Christian Roth silver mirror dramatic cat-eye. The Ad was running with the copy “Eyewear Fit for Queen” which stirred attention and polemic. The topping, in one of the magazines, the right end folding of the page cropped by accident the ‘N’ of Queen and read “Eyewear fit for a Queer”. We were still in the early 90’s. Some raised their eyebrows. Out Magazine just published their first issue! Lita Bossert and Anneliese Estrada were a very stylish, adorable and talented couple well known in New York.  At Christian Roth. Christian Roth Sunglasses campaign 1993 showing Series2401 Christian Roth
In those days, Anneliese was the creative director of DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) and Lita was a beautiful dancer turned fashion stylist. Both were amazing by pushing visual and artistic boundaries, they helped raise awareness and money for DIFFA through art and fashion. Much has been said about the sad and tragic event which occurred 11 years after this picture was taken, this is how we want to remember them. Together with Christian Roth Christian Roth Sunglasses campaign 1993 showing Series6558 Christian Roth
New York City is a magnet for young talents, then and now. The other four stunning characters captured by lens man Perry represent faces of fresh cropped New Yorkers of that period. We wish we could share their names and destinies. Like the model with our sleek urban ‘notice-me-mirror’ mask Series 2810 – this picture made the cover of the New York Times Style section, above the fold, that season. Needless to say, this design changed the perception of sunglass styling. Nice to wear something from Christian Roth. Christian Roth Sunglasses campaign 1993 showing Series2405 Christian Roth: Profile
Not everybody was willing to dare this out-sized silhouette yet. Like the blond male model looking like a young Christopher Lambert in our intellectual minimalistic octagon shaped sunglasses. Love the picture perfect blond with her blowing hair and her ultra bright smile in our instant chic maker Series 6558. The last picture is the good looking actor, student and favorite Coffee Shop Union Square waiter of those days – sporting Christian Roth Clip-on spectacles Series 2401.


Christian Roth Sunglasses Campaign 1986 with Brigitte Nielsen Christian Roth
Christian Roth Christian Roth Eyewear
Brigitte Nielsen was named the Amazon of the 80’s. Discovered by the famed photographers Gregg Gorman and Helmut Newton, Brigitte Nielsen was introduced to us through our friend Paul Palmero in ca 1985. Paul – a GQ cover model – had just moved from New York to Los Angeles and became Brigitte’s friend. We were struck by her statuesque beauty and her Scandinavian sweetness and simplicity. She had just married Sylvester Stallone. Paul started to be behind – and not in front of – the camera. He called us and told us that Brigitte agreed to strike a pose for him … in our sunglasses. Eric jumped on a plane to L.A. with our collection, all sunnies looked great on her, especially the gold spray painted Series A, as pictured above. This image is a true reference to the 80’s fashion because of its over the top styling, but also to remember how things were just ‘un-complicated’ in those days. Thank you Brigitte, thank you Paul!  


Friendship, talent, beauty and generosity created the first campaign images of Christian Roth Eyewear in New York City Christian Roth Eyewear First Campaign Images 1984 – Anna Christian Roth
The making of our very first campaign was an unforgettable New York 80’s moment. In these days, one of the most fashionable, intimate and fun ‘gatherings’ in Manhattan took place at Freddie Leiba’s fabulous residence on Sunday afternoons. Freddie, our dear friend, a famous stylist, designer and visionary with impeccable taste and an amazing host brought fabulous, talented and nice people together. Back then, among many others, we met the stunning and beautiful Ford Model Anna Anderson ( who acted in the movie The Eyes of Laura Mars) but besides being one of the most beautiful women in the world, Anna has an incredible heart and warm personality. On one of these Sunday afternoons, we also enjoyed meeting a shy and talented photographer called Norman McKenzie – the son of the established photographer Albert Watson. Norman did not want his career to be influenced by the success of his father, he signed his work under McKenzie, his mother’s maiden name. Christian Roth Eyewear First Campaign Images 1984 - Rudy Christian Roth
One sunny Sunday afternoon, Freddie said: ” Christian and Eric need images for their new Christian Roth collection Series A and I think Norman should photograph them on Anna.” Anna did not think a second and said Yes, and we received the same enthusiastic reply from Norman. And it got even better, Freddie convinced his best friend, the legendary hair and make-up artist Kerry Warn to do Anna’s hair and make-up for this shooting. Three weeks later, the pictures were done. Norman worked so hard, and Anna gave us all the time we needed. Then Anna introduced us to Rudy from Amsterdam, a statuesque and very handsome young model who had just arrived in New York and needed pictures for his portfolio. Norman photographed Rudy in front of the aircraft carrier ‘the Intrepid’ on New York’s west side highway. The image of Anna ran in W Magazine, Rudy’s image in Interview Magazine (some tear sheets were signed by Andy Warhol because he was very fond of the image); both images ran in multiple regional lifestyle and fashion publications.