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N° 129


by Lauren Indvik
InStyle USA presents 'The Guide' for buying sunglasses – with eyewear designers Christian Roth and Eric Domège explaining everything you need to know Christian Roth Sunglasses
Being passionate about eyewear, one will notice the caption ‘Buying Sunglasses’ on the cover of the new and redesigned March issue of InStyle USA. Much has been said about buying sunglasses, however, InStyle presents for the first time: “The Guide” – a value-laden experience – with absolutely everything you really need to know about this intimate FUN shopping adventure. “All lenses are not created equal”. Thank you Lauren Indvik & Ariel Foxman’s InStyle USA to give Christian Roth, his partner Eric Domège & Garrett Leight (Christian had Garrett in his arms when he was a newborn) the opportunity to help spread wisdom & wit from an Eyewear Designer’s Point of Vue. Et merci à Chris Constable. #edCFDA #CFDAeyewear
N° 128


Mexico City
Christian Roth and Eric Domege at Zona Maco in Mexico City with Erin Newberg, Dale Newberg and Paul Dramard Christian Roth Sunglasses
In our News Story No. 1 on this site, we wrote that we (our friends&family) all auto-arrive to our favorite city of Miami for the most chic week: Art Basel. Miami is still our darling city, and we would never want to miss Art Basel, but some things change. Now, it seems we all auto-arrive for the most chic week: Zona Maco in Mexico City. A couple of days ago, the very same dear friends, our beloved muse and fashion blogger Erin Newberg a.k.a MsErinsita living between Miami and Mexico City and her stylish art collector mother Dale Newberg met with us in Mexico City and introduced us to the impressive Art Show Zona Maco and the amazing megapolis, its cultural & gourmet hotspots and hidden treasures of Mexico City. Here we are, with Paul, our minds are still with Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera, this photo is taken outside the walls of her magic and inspirational “Casa Azul” in Coyoacán.
N° 127


by Max Beckmann
Christian Roth Eyewear recommends The Würth Collection exhibition @ Berlin with more than 400 works of art liek Max Beckmann's Brillenladen Christian Roth Eyewear
From Hockney to Holbein – The Würth Collection in Berlin. This unusual exhibition was a gain for the Kunstherbst Berlin. With more than 400 works of art of international significance, the collection was presented at the Martin-Gropius-Bau until January 10 to the public in a scope never previously seen, in an exhibition space of 5,000 square meters. Surprises were to be expected. Among the works on display were Max Beckmann’s Brillenladen (Opticians’ Window) which he created in 1950 in New York. Since discovering this painting, we ask ourselves which optician gave him the inspiration? (For Max Beckmann Fans, until February 15, the Berlinische Galerie hosts the exhibition “Max Beckmann and Berlin”.)
N° 126


by Romain Biette
The Suited Man! Ardentes Clipei. The eyewear designers Christian Roth & Eric Domege recommend Romain Biette, a visionary tailor from Paris who offers custom-made suites of highest quality and design details Christian Roth Eyewear
Here is the newest, hippest, chicest and (if you play it right) smartest way to get a custom suit. Very young & charming Parisian Romain Biette is a visionary tailor by trade. He just founded the brand Ardentes Clipei in Paris on Rue de la Boetie offering made-to-measure suits and shirts of highest quality, craftsmanship and design aesthetics, allowing the staple of an affordable luxury one-of-a-kind wardrobe!
N° 125


by Myrna Katz Frommer & Harvey Frommer
Christian Roth Eyewear
Christian Roth appears in the new book "It Happened in Miami, the Magic City: An Oral History"

Just in time for the one-hundredth anniversary of Miami Beach and to be launched at Books & Books this week, “It Happened in Miami, the Magic City: An Oral History” features nearly seventy fabulous voices including more than fifteen mini-memoirs, telling stories, offering perceptions on subject matter as far back as memory allows up to the exciting headlines of today. Sun and fun, yes, but the story is much more than that. Thank you Myrna and Harvey to give us the opportunity to be two of your voices.

N° 124


in Memory of Dylan
Christian Roth Eyewear supports Dylan's Wings of Change, a foundation established to honor the memoriy of Dylan Hockley and help children with autism and other related conditions Christian Roth Eyewear L.A. women

By donating
in the names of
our families & friends
We wish a happy
Holiday Season and
a spectacular 2016

Dylan’s Wings of Change (a project of the New Venture Fund) is a foundation established to honor the memory of Dylan Hockley, who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12. The foundation’s mission is to help children with autism and other related conditions achieve their full potential through programs focused on technology, sports, the arts and promoting inclusion. Find out more at www.dylanswingsofchange.org

N° 123


dedicated to Alberto Latorre
Christian Roth Eyewear presents mixed-media artist Carlos Betancourt's retrospective Christian Roth Eyewear
There’s something incredibly inspiring about a great artist’s retrospective. Now, it’s Carlos Betancourt’s turn to showcase his long, illustrious career. The artist, born in Puerto Rico of Cuban parents, has a new book, Imperfect Utopia (Skira Rizzoli), which showcases his more than three decades of inspired work. Mixed-media artist Carlos Betancourt and his influential studio, Imperfect Utopia, helped to launch the Miami art scene in the 1980s. Carlos’s oeuvre is a lush explosion of radiant, eccentric colors in which he explores the kaleidoscope (multi-racial, multi-lingual, trans-cultural) of Caribbean and American culture. His work alludes to issues of memory, beauty, identity, and communication. He bends the lines between art, photography, and nature in his photographs, collages, painting, installations, and conceptual pieces. Carlos’s imagery reinterprets the past and present and offers it in a fresh context. He is inspired by Puerto Rico, Miami, and his extensive travels, as well as artist Ana Mendieta’s interventions in nature, Robert Rauschenberg’s assemblages, Andy Warhol’s perceptions, Neo Rauch’s compositions, and a Federico Fellini-esque cast of characters for his photo assemblages. His artwork is included in the permanent collections of various museums, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The National Portrait Gallery. This exuberant volume explores Betancourt’s body of work, with more than 250 images and texts by art critic Paul Laster, art history professor Robert Farris Thompson and United States Inaugural Poet Richard Blanco. P.S. Thank you Erin, Carlos & Alberto to make Asher happy.
N° 122


when eyewear becomes pop art
Kate Moss with Vintage Christian Roth sunglasses on Miami Magazine's Art Issue Christian Roth Eyewear
In time for Art Basel in Miami, Miami Magazine published in their ‘The Art Issue’ on the cover of Art&Culture this iconic photograph of a then-unknown Kate Moss by the artist Stephanie Pfriender Stylander (dated 1992). The black sunglasses are Vintage Christian Roth and – for us – reflecting our 80/90s decade at Union Square in NYC, it was all about fun & creativity, we had no idea our work would turn into Art. And Kate, the most beautiful young girl we have ever met, for sure, she didn’t need any shades to disguise herself for this shooting. Good things happen. This fall, Stephanie Priender Stylander decided to share a limited edition collection of prints from this particular shooting with the release of the Kate Moss Collection.
N° 121


a short film by Formento+Formento
The Voyage is a short film by Formento + Formento exhibited @ Art Basel Miami – recommended by Christian Roth Eyewear Christian Roth Eyewear
After two consecutive stellar years with entire booths dedicated to their work at Art Miami, Formento + Formento return this week to Art Basel Miami 2015 and will present with RED Digital Cinema THE VOYAGE, an emotionally charged short film and exhibition of photographs by the celebrated husband-wife team — to be exhibited at RED’s Wynwood gallery. It is not a surprise that the current wave of world events have filtered into the art being shown during this year’s art week. Displacement, cultural migration and memory are central to the theme of this poetic short film and photographic work. They keep amazing us with their dedication they state with their Art. Our compliments to our dear friend Michelle Edelman from Traffic Creative Management who discovered their talents many years ago. On a personal note, thanks to Michelle, we are very proud to have worked with BJ and Richeille on our last season’s campaigns for Christian Roth Eyewear which have become a new benchmark in our eyewear industry.
N° 120


Stand Up Portraits
Logo of Ralph Pucci Invitation to the opening reception of 'Standup Portraits' by Christopher Makos – recommended by Christian Roth Eyewear Christian Roth Eyewear

Opening Reception
Christopher Makos
Andrée Putman &
Paul Solberg (book signing)
Thursday, December 3
Wynwood Art District
during Art Basel Miami

N° 119


by Lynn Yaeger for vogue.com
'New York City Holiday Windows 2015' vogue.com and Lynn Yaeger – recommended by Christian Roth Eyewear Christian Roth Eyewear
vogue.com inspires to share their irresistible stories, our favorite this season ‘New York City Holiday Windows 2015.’ Thank you. It seems the Annual Battle of the Windows is already up for review again! Only in New York. Hardly, any other place in this world offers such a holiday tradition & fashion culture mixed with the vision, dream, illusion and hard work of the most talented window-dressing warriors turned artists, fantasy makers & merchandising gurus. A very special treat by vogue.com and Lynn Yaeger to present images (Photo by Ricky Zehavi at Bergdorf Goodman.) to be shared around the world. With all this uplifting glitz & sparkle, we have to take time to reflect on touching moments during the holiday spirit – “even if nobody is in a particularly sunny mood this season, for reasons that are far beyond the purview of my (Nov 26) blog,…” Lynn Yaeger wrote, a contributing editor at Vogue and vogue.com.
N° 118


The 1rst CFDA Eyewear Designer Showcase
Selima Salaun and Christian Roth at the 1rst CFDA Eyewear Designer Showcase Christian Roth Eyewear
It may have been a rainy day, but on Thursday November 19, sunglasses were a focus at the CFDA headquarters. That’s because nine eyewear brands and their designers were on hand for the CFDA Eyewear Showcase. A very special thank you to all the members of the press, who despite the first day of a winter-like day made the effort to visit us. Photos by Matteo Prandoni for BFA
N° 117


The 1rst CFDA Eyewear Designer Showcase Press Day
The Council for Fashion Designers of America announces the 1rst CFDA Eyewear Designer Showcase Press Day participating Christian Roth Eyewear Christian Roth Eyewear
The Council for Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is pleased to announce the inaugural CFDA Eyewear Showcase, which will take place at the CFDA headquarters on Thursday, November 19. The participating CFDA Members are: Patty Perreira, BARTON PERREIRA, Blake Kuwahara, BLAKE KUWAHARA, Christian Roth, CHRISTIAN ROTH, Gai Gherardi, L.A. EYEWORKS, Shane Baum, LEISURE SOCIETY, Jeff Press, MORGENTHAL FREDERICS, Larry Leight, OLIVER PEOPLES, Robert Marc, ROBERT MARC and Selima Salaun, SELIMA OPTIQUE. The first CFDA Eyewear Showcase serves as a platform to generate exposure and editorial opportunities for the CFDA’s growing number of eyewear designers. edCFDA. “By launching the CFDA Eyewear Showcase, we are putting the spotlight on the eyewear talent at the CFDA, a dynamic and growing group of designers,” said Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the CFDA. “Eyewear has become Fashion, but until now, we had not been able to showcase the new designs presented by CFDA eyewear designers as a group to American editors & bloggers in a CFDA venue,” Christian Roth, Spokesman of edCFDA #CFDAeyewear said. “With this initiative, we are proud to show the unity of nine trendsetting and internationally well-known American eyewear brands.”